Environmental Policy

It is the policy of R.E.S Total Electrical Services that all operations are conducted in a manner, which ensures the Environmental Health and Safety of all employees, customers and suppliers.

Any potential risks to the environment should also be eliminated.

This policy objective will be achieved by implementation of an effective program throughout the Company which includes the following :

  • Training of all personnel to enable them to perform their tasks safely
  • Implementing risk identification and control measures directed at reducing the potential for injury, loss or damage
  • Maintenance of appropriate emergency procedures
  • Ensuring contractual arrangements clarify the respective responsibilities of each party
  • Application of our standards, where possible to suppliers, sub-contractors and other third parties

Responsibility for establishing and maintaining Environmental Health & Safety management strategies rests with the Managing Director and he, directly through delegation, will ensure :

  • Working environments are safe and without risk to health or the environment
  • Work practice reviews are conducted and receive regular re-training
  • All employees and sub-contractors shall comply with the requirements of the client work permit systems
  • Appropriate standards are defined for all activities, with legislation compliance as a minimum
  • An efficient accident and incident reporting and investigation system is maintained
  • Environmental training, which ensures that everyone understands their responsibilities and has the skills to fulfil those responsibilities
  • All appropriate information is provided to works in relation to the safe handling, storage and use of equipment
  • All employees trained in identifying and correcting hazards
  • This Environmental Health and Safety Policy will be audited on an ongoing basis and corrective action will be taken to achieve continuous improvement in environmental health and safety performance
  • Employees shall participate in Safety Audits / Reviews as required by the client