Occupational Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of R.E.S Total Electrical Services, the parties to this agreement will commit themselves to achieving the highest possible standards of Occupational Health & Safety including adherence to the processes set out in the attached Environmental Health & Safety Policy.

To apply, in conjunction with relevant legislation, regulations and in particular, for electrical wiring, any directives issued by the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector (OCEI). To improve industry standards in Occupational Health & Safety will form an important part of this commitment.

Observance of relevant Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and agreed industry standards are the minimum level acceptable to enable employers and employees to met their responsibilities and to work safely and follow health and safety rules in their workplace.


The parties to this agreement commit themselves to :

  1. The establishment of healthy and safe workplaces, work methods, plant, machinery and equipment
  2. The observance of all relevant Acts and Regulations, Codes of Practice (including all referenced to Australian Standards and Industry Agreements)

Designated Work Groups

Where practicable, the parties agree to the establishment of designated work groups to cover all employees in the enterprise and the election a Health and Safety Representative within the organisation.

Work Group 1 – Contracts / Installations (Sub contractors)

Work Group 2 – Service Department Contracts

Induction Procedure

The parties will commit themselves to the establishment of an Enterprise Induction Program. This Program will outline Enterprise OH & S Policy and Procedures :

  1. Particular hazards associated with the work
  2. Control measures for each hazard
  3. Identification of hazards
  4. Instigation of preventative action